Sunday, May 19, 2013

Modern Architecture - What is modern architecture?

Modern architecture is the style that introduced a lot of new things in architecture as art. Introduction of new building materials like glass, steel.. changed architecture in a way that no other architecture style has done so far. 
When we say modern architecture what do we mean? Which pictures do we have in our thoughts?
It is what I am trying to define in here. Architecture is art and as one follows its artistic surroundings. Now in last couple decades people started to be interested in homes which are plain but with great design "modern".
Perfect example of such house is Modern house architecture. It is simple but with beautiful design.
This new architecture style emerged in 19-20century after world war. People started being amazed with height and glass impression so that is how skyscraper arose! 

One of the first examples of tall buildings is Eiffel tower. It is not building it is decorative statue in Paris.
Art reached its maximum at that time and such a creation was something magnificent!


With new materials and new physical studies it was possible to do what was imagined by great architects!
Here are some of the nicest examples of today's modern architecture:



This was a little bit about modern architecture I will write more in future about it!

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